Thread 365


Thread 365 is for the individual who values quality, self-expression and authenticity. You have several tees in your closet, but you should have one that is a cut above the rest. A well-made piece that is simple, versatile and comfortable speaks for itself. Thread 365 aspires to create tees that see you through late nights, early mornings and lazy afternoons. Tees you wear so often, you will lose count. Tees you wear any way you like and love more every single day.

As a brand, we strive to look out for everyone. This includes making sure that our tees are made in an ideal work environment that is conducive to creativity, innovation and productivity. Our dedicated team sources high-quality fabric and partners with suppliers and manufacturers who adhere to global production standards. Cotton is our primary material of choice; soft, breathable and lasting. As an all-natural fiber, it is also kinder to our planet. Through our designs, color selection, careful fit process and product testing, we bring you the kind of tee that you always reach for when you open your closet. Thread 365 tees are universally flattering, feel better after every wash and are thoughtfully designed inch by inch, stitch by stitch.


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