CAPSULE by TSA is a lifestyle community created by Terry S.A., the company behind Bensimon, bobble, CommonThread, Havaianas, K-Way, Pininho, Praiaz, and Thread 365 in the Philippines. Fueled by individual style inspirations – from pegs to best-loved pieces; from the freshest collections to classics reinvented on the street, CAPSULE by TSA is a collection of YOUR style stories. The CAPSULE by TSA community is composed of people who lead passionate lives and celebrate everyday happiness. Make trends your own, share your unique style story, and learn to style happy with CAPSULE by TSA.


Terry S.A. (TSA) is the exclusive local distributor of Bensimon, bobble, CommonThread, Havaianas, K-Way, Pininho, and Praiaz; and the creator of Thread 365. Established in 2003, TSA continues to embody the spirit of innovation in building lifestyle brands that provide customers with everyday happiness, effortless fashion, and the freedom to live out their passions. Our mission is “to provide enjoyable experiences as a celebration of happiness; because everyone deserves a little bit more”.